Punch for Fitness

Miami Location         Address:   1901 NW Miami Cr. 

Tampa Location         Address:   4913 W Waters Ave. 

Plantation Location  Address:   1870 N University Dr. 

City:    Miami 

City:    Tampa 

State:    FL 

State:    FL 

State:    FL 

Zip:    33136 

Zip:    33634 

Zip:    33332 

Sale Price:            $650,000

Business Details

Type of Business:         Fitness Facility

IRS Filing Type:           LLC

Formation Date:          NA

Corporate Standing:    Good Standing

Yearly Gross Sales:      Call for additional information

Property Details

Miami Location:         Property Size:

Tampa Location:        Property Size:

Plantation Location:   Property Size:   8,800 Sq.Ft.

         **Lease terms available upon request**


Punch Boxing for Fitness is a unique boxing studio designed to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts and boxers alike. We do not want to cater to only the guy who wants to be “the next big thing” or the mom who wants to “do more cardio.” We are here to carve a niche that has yet to be filled; for the serious person who wants more attention from their classes, more results from personal training, more inspiration from the environment they train in and to really learn the “Art” of boxing. We mix the training like the pros, with the clean modern facility that fits not only the needs of boxers but that of the person looking for a serious and fun training regimen. There is no intimidation at Punch, no degrading our members, only inspiration and healthy competition with the one who matters most… You! At Punch, you can train like the pros or train with them! We are here to help you get better physically and mentally as well as build confidence, improve performance and learn the “art” of boxing all while having fun.

Punch has partnered up with one of the biggest names in boxing - Ringside “the best in boxing” for all of our gear and equipment. We have locked in best pricing from them and work with Ringside for events and promotional opportunities. We also work with Fast Twitch Performance Training for our professional athletes and training seminars for our trainers. Stand and Fight Consulting handles our marketing initiatives specializing in social presence and local events. 360 Promotions for our young pro and amateur athletes put on shows for our boxers to get exposure and build records. With a strong support system Punch Boxing is ready to move forward and position its studios among'st the big names in the industry.


Floor Plans

Miami Property

Property Size:   8,800 Sq.Ft.


Tampa Property

Property Size:   8,800 Sq.Ft.


Plantation Property

Currently under construction 


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Floor Plans
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